Podcasters' Paradise

The Podcasters' Paradise Private Facebook group is a place for fellow Paradisers to:

• Share valuable information,
• Collaborate with other Paradise members, and
• Provide others with constructive feedback on podcast-related topics.

This is a community where you should feel comfortable sharing the struggles and challenges you face, as there are likely others who have already experienced the same thing in the past, who are currently experiencing it, or who will at some point experience it.

Likewise, you should feel comfortable sharing wins so that others in the community can learn more about what's working for you.


What’s a pitch?... “Check out my X, Y, Z and do A, B, C.”

This community is all about sharing valuable information in a way that can help others in the community.

This Facebook group was built specifically as a platform to help you build and grow your relationships with one another, not to help you advertise your podcast.

There is a section in the Paradise Forum on our membership site where you can request guests for your show, request to be a guest on others’ shows, and exchange honest reviews. The Private Facebook group is not the place to do these things.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please don't hesitate to reach out to Kate: [email protected]