North Morlan Hall, 2nd Floor (Rooms 240-255)

Hi residents!!

My name is K.B. Jenny Kim, the K.B. stands for my Korean name Ki Bbeum (I’ll buy you Starbucks if you can pronounce that correctly!!). My major is Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies and currently experimenting with IES. I was basically raised in Hacienda Heights, CA, a small little suburb outside of LA. However, my parents ditched me when I went to college and moved to Portland so that is where I currently call “home” now.

Morlan Hall is the place to be. I myself did not live in North Morlan my freshman year but all my friends who did always bragged about how close and chill their hall was so we have a reputation to uphold. The halls of the building are outside, unlike many of the other halls and we are allowed to have our doors open! We have a wonderful quad, lounge, and kitchen we share with all of Morlan. All the rooms are suited and conjoined by the bathroom but each room gets their own sink. Every room comes with a bed, desk, chair, and closet space; if you have any specific questions about rooms and the building please message me or leave a post (I’m sure many of you have similar questions)!

I have three key points to help you transition in to the hall: pack lightly, keep an open mind, and listen to your mother!

Last but not least, have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to meet you all in August!! Please email, txt, facebook me with any questions or uncertainties!!
[email protected]; 626-543-0399

See you soon!