Owners of Dog Daycares

Group Rules:
You can join this group if you are the owner of a dog daycare that is not a franchise that is currently operating (open for daycare customers).

The admins must be able to verify via some kind of online presence that you meet our membership requirements (ex. website, facebook page, youtube channel, etc.) You must join this group using a profile that contains your first and last name in the “Name” section. Profiles that use your business name as your “Name” are not permitted in the group.
New group members are added on Sunday only. New group members must introduce themselves by Wednesday. Those who don’t are removed on Thursday.

Your introduction must include all of the following: 1.Your name. 2. Your location. 3. The name of the business that you own. 4. State that you own the business and that it is currently operating and open for daycare customers. Please introduce yourself in a separate post of your own and not by commenting on the “pinned” introductory post at the top of the group page.

In addition to introducing yourself, please add your name, your location , your business name, website, the date you joined this group and any other information you want to include to the document in the files section called “Group Members.”

The admin who keeps track of the people who have properly introduced themselves is Catherine Rogers. When you have introduced yourself properly and been approved for membership in the group she “likes” your introduction post. If your introduction has not been “liked” by her before Thursday, feel free to post your intro again in order to avoid being removed.

If you are removed from the group for failing to introduce yourself you may join again and introduce yourself. If you join twice and are removed twice for not introducing yourself, you will be banned.

If you are removed because you do not fit the qualifications for membership, you will not be allowed back into the group. Sorry!

OWNERS WHO ARE ALSO VENDORS please do not promote your product in this group. Thanks!

Privacy: Please do not copy any posts from this group without the permission of the person who wrote it.