Cullman Baby/Toddler Buy/Sell/Trade

This group is for those wishing to sell baby or toddler items. be kind with those you interact with through this group. We ask that you follow the few rules that we set forth.

1. If you want to sell something quickly, either say "first come, first serve" or "no holds" or "can only meet at (this time)".
2. Please do not change the price after you post an item.
3. If you can, group photos together in some manner whether it is creating an album or taking one picture with everything in it.
4. Please post a price. You can take offers, but we ask that you put some kind of price with your item(s).
5. After your item has sold, please delete the post.
6. Be respectful, and go in order of those who say that they are interested. Also, let purple know that an item is cross posted.

As a side note, the admins are not responsible for no shows, sales gone wrong, or items sold on the page in general. We're sorry, but sometimes people just suck. If you feel the need to slander someone else for any of the above, feel free, but keep in mind that we are all adults and should act accordingly.