BBC Food Porn (British Born Chinese)

This group has been created mainly for the BBC community to share their food and recipes (mainly chinese but not soley restricted to just chinese). Please join if you wish to learn to make some yummy chinese food.

The admin for this group are:
Wai Han Smith
Susan Chanmeister Lui
Jenny Cooc Cheung
Rosa Tang
Lynne Lee-Diep

We are trying to file all the recipes under "Files" tab to make it easier to find recipes posted. Please visit "Files" tab if you are looking for something that has been posted.

Unacceptable content
If you find a post offensive then please feel free to report it to Wai Han either through a private message or use the "report" option which can be found next to each post. If more than 10% of members report the same post then it will be deleted.

created 19th Feb 2014