i miss you

welcome to the I MISS .. group
we admins of the group are inviti...ng you to join our fun as one family..from here you can now
enjoy posting, viewing and
sharing inspiring quotes to your love ones and friends.
we do appreciate u sharing some of your thoughts and point of view
regarding OUR group to make it more better..adding your friends are highly appreciated.,, during your stay..!!
here are some rules and regulation for everyone of us to follow..
1. uploading porn videos and nude picture are strickly ,prohibited,
breaking this rules will lead to the said members to be delated or banned permanently.
2.respect your co members
3. aviod using bad words resulting to insult others members.
4.we required members who are posting and comenting to use ENGLISH language to enable for everyone to understand..
be friendly to everyone..
thanks a lot GOD bless..