#HKSG 波鞋買賣區 Buy/Sell/Trade

本買賣區可以放售/徵求任何牌子波鞋, "只限波鞋"。
Buy/Sell/Trade all kind of sneakers in different brands, SNEAKERS ONLY.

當買/賣雙方在post或PM確認買家 "要" 買入貨品,就必須以確認價錢復行交易(必買必賣),違例者會逐出本會。
When the buyer/seller agreed "WANT" the item on the post or PM (buyer must buys/seller must sells), the buyer has responsibility to accept the price and to complete the trade, or else would be expelled from the group with no excuse.

本會不設 "排" , 若有需要,請自行與賣家相討。
There is no "QUEUE" in this group. If necessary, please contact the buyer directly.

Only authentic products allowed.

Please include the actual picture of the sneakers along with the price (No limitation), size, condition, contact and trade location.

禁止以拍賣或出價方式放售, 只限實價出售。
No bid or offer. List price only.

Post can be push in every 24 hours.

Please delete post after sold.

如發現有違以上規則,會刪除 post 而不作另行通知。
For those violate the above rule(s), the post will be deleted without prior notice.

請注意: 本群組只是一個提供會員買賣的交易平台, 本群組所有管理員都不會接納處理任何買賣上的糾紛。
Attention: this platform is provided for the convenience of buy/sell for our members, no disputes or complaints will be accept to handle by this group's administrator(s).

Updated: 09-09-15