Knights and Dragons Android Invite Code

Hey everyone, Mad Badger (WBF-GZG-BBV) here...

Many of you have been asking for an Rage of the
Immortals page and here you are. I am looking to start playing this game as well and I want people to have a place where they can talk and have fun just like this group/community.


Also, I have been talking with my fellow admin and we got an awesome idea for a contest. As you know I have been trying to get some people to give us some stuff as giveaways and I have some ideas of having a Lottery type contest. I am thinking about hosting a lottery where you can win Google Gift cards which can in turn be used for purchasing GEMS in game.

Every $1 = one ticket for the Lottery, $5 gets you 6 entry's.

I will never keep the money for personal use but rather only use it for this community. I will still try to get some free swag and gear from companies who want to get involved and use those as free contests.

I will keep you posted as I continue to figure out how to get this lottery working and functional. For now if you wish to show your support feel free to donate $1 or whatever amount you want to help.


Warning and BAN List: