Flower Arrangers

This group is for everyone who is proud to be a flower arranger, who doesn't feel the need to dress it up as a floral artist or designer. We're flower arrangers and proud of it. You can be a complete beginner or a winner at International level, we are all here to share our love of flowers.

For the press, who never know the difference, a florist is a professional earning a living from creating floral designs for the public. A flower arranger creates flower arrangements for their own satisfaction and so is able to be as creative and out there or as homely and comfy as they like.

The only things I ask are that you post in English and remember this is a flower arrangers group, not an opportunity for florists to self promote. If you have some classes, a demo or a workshop coming up feel free to add it but if you push your luck I might just gently remove you from the group.

If you are trying to join and I don't allow I get several new spammers trying to join every day so I have to filter out anyone who doesn't look like a real flower arranger. If I make a mistake with you just message me and explain.