African National Congress

Welcome to the Facebook group of the African National Congress – a group for ANC supporters, and those that want to get more involved in the debate coming up to our fourth national elections since democracy came to South Africa in 1994.

The African National Congress was founded in 1912 to defend and advance the rights of the African people after the violent destruction of their independence and the creation of the white-ruled Union of South Africa. Over the past 97 years, the ANC emerged to lead the struggle of all democratic and patriotic forces to destroy the apartheid state and replace it with a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa in which the people as a whole shall govern and all enjoy equal rights.

The historic April 1994 election placed the ANC in the position of responsibility for leading the process of reconstruction and development aimed at eradicating the problems of poverty and inequality created by apartheid and creating a just and equitable economic and social order.

Now, in 2009 we are facing a new election in South Africa, where the challenges of the past have transformed into the many challenges of the present and the future. This ANC Facebook group is part of a broad range of online initiatives by the ANC to engage with its members, and with all South Africans that wish for a better future for all.

This includes the official ANC Website for the 2009 elections, , and Twitter streams to keep you updated with the news (follow anc_info). More will come.

On this group administrators will post the latest ANC news, and you’ll find plenty of lively debate amongst members: join in, your voice is

Feel free to speak your mind, but in line with the ANC’s position on violence, hate speech and the democratic right of all South Africans to vote for the party of their choice, unacceptable posts will be removed.