For the love of food!!

This past year has been tremendously overwelming for me! Taught me so much about myself... But most importantly brought back some lost passions... One of them being the joy of cooking food! The smell of spices, the freshness of vegtables and the richness that meat brings to simple dishes...
My three stooges, my heartbeats, are ofcourse my best AND worst critics :D
And how I love them for that!! Their input is what makes me want to perfect things according to their taste, and live up to their expectations...
Love you kiddo's, muah! :)

The purpose of this page is really, to get to share your food experience with other food lovers, so we can get an insight into each others cuisines...

Now to the important part :)


- Anyone is welcome to post pictures of home cooked food ALONG with a recipe
-Any picture uploaded WITHOUT a recipe will be deleted
- Everyone is welcome to come with tips or comments to other peoples recipes
- No nasty, degrading, crude remarks will be tolerated.
-Any such behavior will result in admins removing the individual from the group without further notice!

Hope this group will bring you as much joy as it has me :)
enjoy foodies!