Mommies Saving Money

♥ We are here to be a team, families helping families save some money anywhere we can. ♥
This group has lots of new couponers, that need guidance. Most are couponing for the first time. Let’s all be patient, and help the best we can.

**** We will share what coupon to use and where the best deals are. ****
As a courtesy to all, we ask that everyone share your great deals and hauls.
Don’t be stingy with your great find. Someone helped you, now you help others. When posting deals, please explain what store and what coupon was used. Break Down (BD)

Just because there is a coupon doesn't mean you run out and get the item, sometimes we hold on to the coupon for weeks until there is a great sale then we add the coupon on top off the sale for the best price.

Please add friends and family, the bigger we grow the more knowledge we will have, and better at saving. More people is more eyes when shopping, so more sharing

Most coupons are called "manufacture coupon" you can use them almost anywhere. . Very few places don't take them.
When your ads come in the mail every week, SAVE them and go thru them.
Always read coupons real good. To be sure you have the correct item, size, type, that goes with a coupon. There are some (Excludes)