Let's Help Jayla Win!

Jayla has advanced as a state finalist in the Sunburst Beauty Pageant. She will be competing in Charlotte May 10-12th and we have to sell ads to go in the pageant books.

The ads can be of your business if you want to get it out there, or it can be a message to Jayla wishing her well or congratulating her. Each ad is $25. If I get 6 ads it equals one page. After a certain number of pages some of the pageant fees are covered so we need all the help we can get! Please let me know if you would like to contribute. It will be greatly appreciated!

If you have family or friends who may want to have an ad printed to help their business grow, or who just might like to help or encourage Jayla please let them know and have them contact me. Remember for businesses, each ad you enter is a tax write off! Thanks in advance for your support! Let's help my babygirl :)