All Holden Hot 6 Swap Sell & Specs

There's some great groups out there dedicated to the icons of the Holden history but none concentrate on the 'Holden 6"
From FX to VK the Holden 6 has been a reliable power plant that has stood the test of time.
Sell , Swap or share your Specs..
Share your tricks, tips or pics of your ultimate Holden heartbeat..
Let's keep this friendly, informative and make sure all sales have a pic price and location..
NO V8's guys... Just hot 6's

All ads MUST show a PRICE ~ LOCATION ~ PIC & POSTAGE availability.
First to contact has first option to buy!!!
then second etc etc.
For Buyers : Respond to a sale with : SOLD NC (means you'll buy it with no conditions) or SOLD PC (pending conditions)
For Sellers : NC can cancel out a PC but up to your discretion.
I can't tell you guys what to do but trouble makers will be removed from the group.

We're all here because we have one thing in common.. The love of Holden 6's..