Justice for Lainey

Justice for Lainey is about a 4 year old Australian Shepherd named Lainey who was starved... abused and neglected in Camden, NY. The man charged with this crime is Ian West.

On May 17th 2013 Lainey was seized by the Camden dog control officer and Oneida County Sheriffs She was brought to the Rome Veterinary clinic weighing 16 lbs. She was transported to the Humane Society of Rome on Saturday, and subsequently died of refeeding syndrome on Monday May 20th, 2013 at 8:42am.
Ian West is under arrest, and currently out on bail.

While we are awaiting the outcome of the trial, the Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A775a) was brought to our attention by animal advocates in Central NY.

We have decided to take our 2500 people and fight for this bill. Every Assembly person in New York State will know her name when we are done. She will NOT be one of the FORGOTTEN DOGS. This dog did not have to suffer as long as she did.

The laws are not clear enough for our law enforcement and district attorney's to be able to prosecute these people properly.

Currently the bill is being held up in the Codes Committee, and then to the floor for a vote. They are expecting trouble getting it through Codes.. .. They are stopping this bill from getting to the floor. We need to stop them and start protecting our animals.

So we are going after the votes. We are going to help the legislators see this is NOT an animal issue it is a people issue.

The people who commit these crimes are dangerous, and we want them prosecuted, and put in jail.

We want the laws of New York State to represent how we feel today, not how the people of the 1920s felt about animals, which is when these laws were written.

While we fight for the laws- we are guardians of the animals and shelters that need protecting - when they need
boots on the ground people to fight- we FIGHT- when they need letters and phone calls we join them...

NO one ever stands alone- and as long as we stand united- we will not fail. In life we failed Lainey- that will not happen again !!
Join us in Laineys Name, to protect the animals of the future, and our families from these monsters who can starve a dog to death.