Forgotten Photos of Plymouth

Bob Cox was a photographer in Plymouth, Illinois for many years. This page was started for the pictures created from negatives that were found in the old Scribe building on the square in Plymouth. The negatives were given to Joyce Steiner. Mother (Connie Hoelscher Fairchild) and I are sorting and cleaning the negatives. I am scanning them and adding them to this page.

There are also pictures from the late 70s and early 80s that are from a box of pictures that was purchased at a auction in 1992 when the contents of the school was sold. These pictures were taken by George Hartmann.

Additional pictures have been added by individuals who are digging through their archives and sharing their memories of Plymouth.

There are several hundred photos on this page. Just click on the "Photos" tab and you will find the albums of photos. There is no particular order.

Corrections to names, dates and places are welcome.

Have fun and share your memories.