Networking in the Westside for Families in Need

*** UPDATE JANUARY 6, 2015 **
********BUMPING YOUR POST, IS ALLOWED ONE TIME PER 24 HOUR PERIOD, except for Admins, who will frequently "bump" important messages, to pass along information to our members********

Networking in the Westside for families in Need is a site dedicated to helping out our fellow community members. Treat others how would expect to be treated. PLEASE NO DRAMA.

This site is for the Forest Grove, Cornelius, Gales Creek, Gaston, Banks, North Plains, Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

1. If you have a NEED, ask for it.
2. Have something you want to offer others? Post a picture and a description, along with where you are located.
3. WE HAVE CHANGED THE RULES,there is no limit on the amount of items that can be claimed, per day. With that said, we want to try to help as many people as possible.
4. THERE IS TO BE NO SELLING OF ITEMS. If you receive it from this page (or ANY other FREE page) you are NOT TO TURN AROUND AND PUT IT ON ANOTHER SITE, to receive money for it. (We Admins, keep in touch with each other, trust me when I say, WE WILL KNOW AND YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS GROUP. NO WARNINGS. IF I HEAR ABOUT IT, AND I WILL HEAR ABOUT IT, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE!)
5. PLEASE ASK before you post the link to another site, it's just common courtesy.
6. If you see a great deal on something a lot of people use (formula, diapers, grocery related) Go ahead and share a picture and description with the group. We are all looking to find GREAT DEALS!
7. Please DO NOT post links to Craigslist. (No copy and pasting) However, if you see that a member is asking for something specific and you see an ad on Craigslist, please, by all means, pass the info along to the member looking for the item.
8. If your item item is cross-posted, please put it in your ad "CROSS POSTED", so that we know it is also available to other people.

LET'S ALL BE NEIGHBORLY. Treat each other, how you would expect to be treated. NO NASTY COMMENTS, or rude postings, bad-mouthing other members. (Luckily, we haven't had to talk to anyone about any of this stuff and I hope it stays that way!)

LASTLY, IF YOU ARE DOING A PORCH PICK UP, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ONLY PICK UP WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PICK UP - we've had incidents (on other sites) where someone picked up something that was NOT designated for you, please leave it alone. RESPECT. That is all we are asking. We are all adults, I think we can respect each other.

Any questions, problems or issues, please pm one of your admin(s): Catie Smith, Chelsie Lovelady, or myself, Denise Smith.

Let's work together to help out our neighbors! Invite your neighbors and friends in the area, too!