Handmade "Luster Band" Bracelets for Sale ❤

Prices on each band varies depending on how much that bracelet c...ost me to make. Each color and charm may cost me differently than the last. I do special orders.... But my supplies can take 1-3 weeks to come in. So if you make a special order, I will put you in my order book and order what I need to make it, and have it made just as soon as the supplies come in!!! All naked (charmless) bracelets are $10. Cost of all bracelets with charms varies depending on the price of the charm. But please remember to be patient with me while I wait with you for the stuff to come, and place the order 2-3 weeks in advance if you need it by a certain time. Special orders include specially requested charms as well. If theres a special type of charm you would like, Ill do my best to find it. I will always post the bracelets I make in the group album, even if they are already sold. If you see one you like that I have made for someone else and want me to order the stuff to make you one, keep in mind that the color and/or charm may not match EXACTLY to that one, if I am unable to find the identical supplies. But I'll do my best and I'll get it made ASAP. ;) *I do not mail any bracelets to buyers. Must be willing to meet in Okmulgee for pick ups.* THIS GROUP IS PUBLIC, SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD MEMBERS!!! Enjoy and I look forward to your orders.