FREE stuff to give or get in the Golden Triangle Area/Setx area

This group is for SOUTHEAST TEXAS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE MEMBERS ONLY! Please do not add people from other states or other areas....Nothing past Winnie, Jasper, or Orange. Woodville, Kirbyville, Evadale, Buna, are all ok because meetups can occur in Vidor or Lumberton. TEXAS ONLY. We would like to keep the group local as everyone may not have a way to travel far or money to ship items.This group is set up for FREE ITEMS ONLY! Whether you're giving or receiving it MUST BE FREE! NO DRAMA! NO BAD MANNERS! NO RUDENESS! NO LYING! NO SWEARING! NO FOUL LANGUAGE OF ANY KIND! AND DEFINITELY NO MONEY TALK! Please read to document I created. It is the set of rules to abide by. PLEASE READ THEM! It is up to you to know the rules and keep to them. Thank you all so much for wanting to be apart of this group. It can only be as much as we make it! God bless you all! :)