802 Gun's & Ammunition

802 Gun's & ammunition is a group created to buy sell trade Gun's & Ammunition along with bows and arrows in Vermont only!! no other junk or it will be deleted! if you see stuff thats been sold or is from out of state or spam please tag me Derek F Flint in it and I will delete it asap! I take absolutely no responsibility for idiots i created this page for people interested in buying and selling legal guns not threw this site but between the two parties in Vermont i cant check every ones facebook page to check if they are from vermont. This is your page enjoy it and please be respectful or leave...

It is very good advice to check into guns you are looking at buying some people think there guns are worth twice the weight in gold. and thats fine its their gun and they can seek what ever price they want its a free country. but I strongly advise a little research into a gun so you dont get raked over the coals.