You Know You Are From Boyle Heights When...

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You know you're from Boyle Heights when:

You live close to downtown but haven't been there in years.

You used to go to Tom's Burgers, 24 Hours, and Lupe's before you discovered King Taco.

You have to explain that Boyle Heights has culture where East LA does not.

You know what "Pico Aliso" means.

Went to H.M.S. and R.H. in that order.

Your Mom used to shop at La Primera, Zody's, or "La Seh-ars"

You know what "TMC" means.

You have to tell people not familiar with the area that it's the place chopped up by the 5, 10 and 101 freeways.

You never knew the difference growing up that you lived in a society-classified "lower economically underserved community."

The carnival rides at St. Mary's and Dolores Mission were a not-to-be-missed event.

You wonder why the projects where army-looking barracks made of cement blocks and whose project it really was afterall.

You woke up to neighbors - or your mother - blasting ramon ayala tunes or any ranchera-themed song with an accordion or trumpet base.

You wear your Sunday best, with full sprayed-on hair do to do laundry at the laundromat or grocery shopping.

You are not sure you like the idea of the new Gold Line ripping across your old neighborhood just like the freeways once did.