GRAND FINALE AT THE MP GALA MATCHES. It was all joy throughout the Christmas season in Damongo, at least the games kept the town busy and lovely.
All the 19 teams that participated went home with a set of jersey and a football aside those who won awards.
There were four categories of awards;
The fourth team (young meteors from canteen) went home with GHc 50 aside the jersey and the football, GHc 100 for the third team (Murugu), canteen FC came second with an amount of GHc 150, the winners were Sabo Zongo, they went home with a trophy and GHc 200. The goal king went to Mumuni Wahab of young metoers of Canteen. He was the leading scorer with 4 goal. The final match was between Sabo Zongo and Canteen FC. The score line was 2-1 in favor of Sabo Zongo, it was indeed a lovely moment. Taking a cue from the just ended games, the MP promised to make it all round league games to stretch for a period so that all teams will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the maximum. He pledged to keep supporting the Mole Nationals team as usual, in order for them to be able to participate in the next division 2 tournaments slated for next year. By this, he pledged to ensure that all sectors get their share of his support. As always stated, he can't do all these without your support. He is an MP because you are his constituents, he exist not without you, so your utmost support will be a motivation for him to always put up his best at all times. He accepts your critique wholeheartedly at all times, but would be grateful if they come with direction as to which best alternative to opt for and the way forward. Merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance. Long Live the people of Damongo, Long Live Ghana. Cheers.