I Still Hate Bono And His Fucking Face

U2's music sucks, The Edge is a self-righteous prick and bono's 'charity' work makes me want to hurl my guts out!

I hate his shameless self-promotion, I hate his smug grin, I hate his fucking music, and I really hate his fucking face!

Red is the new charity for profit.
bono doesn’t invest his own money in Red.
Apple sells a Special Edition U2 iPod. Its profits are not donated to Red.
Red have raised 18 million dollars, having spent 100 million on marketing (to date).

Charity for profit and self promotion.

U2 made $389m from the recent Vertigo tour. Its revenue was then funnelled through companies mostly registered in Ireland and structured to minimize taxes.

U2 moved its music publishing company to the Netherlands from Ireland in June 2006, six months before Ireland ended a tax exemption on musicians’ royalty income.

bono's California-based venture capital firm, Elevation Partners, confirmed it had invested around $300m (£157m) in Forbes magazine.

Elevation Partners is a private venture capital firm with six partners, one of whom is bono. It has an estimated capital value of $1.9bn. U2 were said to be the world's most lucrative group last year, earning more than €210m.

I wonder how much went to charity?

Proposals to construct a so-called U2 Tower - the tallest residential development in Ireland on the southside of the Liffey river. The tower, a 31-floor construction, will house luxury apartments and provide space for the band's recording studios.
The building was originally scheduled to be 60 metres (197ft) high but permission was granted for it to rise to 100 metres
This tower is going to appear as a monstrosity in what used to be a small maritime village.

Yet bono would still refuse to pay tax in Ireland.

Reasons we hate the cunt include, but are not limited to the fact that:
1. His singing voice pisses us off
2. His speaking voice pisses us off
3. We hate his fucking face
4. His lyrics are pretentious pseudo intellectual drivel, meaningless in the extreme.
5. He is a Tax dodger, despite being a dollar billionaire
6. He owns 40% of Forbes magazine, the bastion of all that is neo-con capitalism
7. His so called charity work is constantly exposed by African aid organisations as detrimental to the situation in Africa, but his twatty fans go on about it, claiming that anyone who hates him is against the concept of charity.
8. He does advertising and Film theme tunes, the activity of the artistically moribund
9. He refuses to force the Hedge to stop playing guitar, or at least learn a new chord
10. him and his mates are soon to build a giant phallic tower in Dublin, which will ruin the skyline forever.
11. Every time somebody most of us admire dies, bonio turns up on a documentary, claiming that their music directly influenced U2 (Joy Division, you wish, The Clash? Please)
12. He has chosen to be known by 'Bono Vox', the Latin for good voice, the actions of an egotistical prick.
13. He does not have a good voice.
14. He never takes his sunglasses off.
15. He contributed to Live Earth, an environmental event, but flew a fucking hat around the world.
16. His band has a huge carbon foot print, beaten by only Sting, another so called environmentalist (hypocrite)
17. He wears leather trousers, despite being podgy and middle aged
18. According to Thom Yorke (Radiohead), whenever they met world leaders together for Make Poverty History, whilst Thom Yorke was talking about reform, bonio just acted like a buffoon, and posed for photos (such as making the frail John Paul II wear his stupid Fly sunglasses, making the actual negotiations next to impossible.
19. He started a charity (Red) which earns him money (he calls a profit making charity 'punk rock charity' on his own business' web site), thus destroying the concept of charity.
20. His band and organisation epitomise everything that is terrible about the gross commercialisation of music, a form i love
21. They have made a church service based around their songs called the U2charist
22. He gives Ireland a bad name
23. He recently butchered 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' a song by Joy Division.
24. All of his fans are whining bastards.
25. They are currently, at a time of many good films (returns to form for Tim Burton and the Coen Brothers, a film coming soon by George A Romero are ones that spring to mind), holding over us all the threat of a trailer for their gimicky 3D film, meaning that even if one chooses to avoid the film, you can never truly be safe!
26. U2's shite song is the theme to ITV's football coverage, and ITV ruins this coverage with commercial breaks as it is, so the hyper commercial capitalist cunt that is bonio is actually an ideal choice.
27. His simultaneously inept and inappropriate 'impression' of Nelson Mandela.
(Credit to Aidy Shaw).

Also he is actually a total cunt !! which we think is a valid reason for having a go !!!!