8 ball pool hack and trick community

A cool welcome to all the new members!

Lets start with some rules:

Abusing these rules in any way will lead you to an automatic ban. We might perhaps lock your Facebook account, we will all get there at some stage of hacking.

Well, here is what you shouldn't be doing on here:


• We are hackers, cheaters and leechers. We are free, we don't play fair.

• You joined this group with a purpose of becoming a hacker or a cheater. We'll be glad to help.

•No advertising of other groups/websites in any form.

• Spam, fake links, viruses are not acceptable. We do not do this to our hacker friends (Which are you guys).

• Don't abuse any member on here.

• No criticism and racist remarks of RELIGION, RACE and GENDER.

If one or more of these points above are in action by a member, then you will bear the appropriate consequences.


Hacking is a wide field, here is what you should be doing on here.

• Post CHEATS, HACKS, TWEAKS, SOFTWARE, GAMES or anything related to our (the user's) benefit REGARDLESS of terms and conditions.

• Post videos or other media if you want to show off your hacking abilities.

• Request for challenge/invites/gifts in the game .

• Compliment members for using hacks rather than insulting or begging for hacks.



All hacks that are released by the ADMINISTRATOR BOARD would be made available under "Files Uploaded" on this group.

Please view the name of the uploader (Administrator releases are always trusted) of the file BEFORE you download as we are no liable for any damage caused to your device.


Add the administrators running this group:

Usama AbbAsi

Muzammel Fiaz(Head Admin)

Iqra Khan

Afaq Malik

Piyanshu Grover

Exceptional Task: When you report a member, you may view if he is banned or not on this current list ran by ADMINISTRATOR (not updated that frequently)

(Any queries, do message me).


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