Eugene Horse Auction Assistance.

This group is to promote horses consigned to the Eugene Horse Auction 2nd Sunday of EVERY MONTH we do NOT guarantee soundness or any other warranty of horses, burros or any other stock posted on this page. All guarantees of soundness, how broke, etc. are that of the seller and shall be held as such. The purpose is to help find horses great homes. The goal of this group is to provide as much information and photos as possible to allow potential buyers the chance to see what is available and help to network horses so more people can see them with out being at the auction. Eugene Livestock @ 92380 Hwy 99 Junction City, OR 97448 - either 541-998-3353 or (800)288-6217 and hours are 9am -4 pm
m-f. Horses that are consigned must be sold through the auction house per their contract. There will be no drama. This is about the horses not the people. The auction yard supports horses getting the best homes possible. Tack sells from noon until about 4 pm. Horses sell at 4 pm until they all have gone through. Fees at this time are: horses 7 percent with a 25 dollar minimum. Tack is 25 percent . Saddles are ten percent with a 15 dollar minimum. Eugene Livestock Auction will take cash, debit or credit cards (credit with a 2% surcharge), no checks.