Orangevale/Folsom Online Yard Sale (surrounding areas welcome)

*When requesting to be added to this group your profile must show your location or give some indication that you live in Orangevale, Folsom, or a bordering city. If your profile does not include this information your request won't be approved. *

Orangevale/Folsom Online Yard Sale is for selling, buying, trading or everyone's favorite FREE stuff. Please keep ISOs to a minimum.
Only one post per listing. You may "bump" your listing, but multiple posts for the same item will get deleted. Please make an album if you have multiple pictures of ONE item. Make sure to include the price and location. Once your need/sale is met or complete delete your post.
Posts 30 days or older will get deleted.

***ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS OR SPAM POSTS WILL BE ALLOWED (I have no problem deleting or blocking people)***

The usual "rules" apply as yard sale sites go.

Cheat sheet for commonly used acronyms.
NIL- next in line
TIA- thanks in advance
TY- thank you
P/U- pick up
OBO- or best offer
BUMP- bump post to top of feed every 24 hrs
ISO- in search of
EUC- excellent used condition
NWOT- new without tags
NWT- new with tags
NIB- new in box
PPU- pending pick up
GUC- good used condition
PENDING- item pending pick up
Xposted/Cross Posted- item is posted on several websites
LO- little one
WNW- Washed never worn