Private Money and Creative Financing Forum

Welcome to the definitive Facebook forum on all things Private Money and Creative Financing.

The object of this group is simple, to fill our members repertoire with all the tools necessary to succeed in this and any market.

Our goal is not to make this the biggest group on Facebook, but to make this the richest group on Facebook!!

This group is strictly educational and I must reiterate that, unless specified, none of the comments are made by an attorney or CPA, and that one should always consult a professional concerning any questions or concerns.

Having said that, to get the most out of this group, it is necessary to participate.

Please feel free to ask questions, chances are if you have a question someone else has that very same question as well.

And please feel free to answer question as well. You know the old saying, " 747 heads are better than 1." You may have a view of things and a solution no one else has thought of.

Thank you again for becoming a part of our community.


The Private Money Guy

P.S. When you join the group, please add me (David Dey) as a friend as well so that I know to welcome you.