1. This group is for people who are LOOKING to buy comics only. No "for sale" posted. They will be deleted. If you have comics someone is looking for please comment on there post or message them.
2. I am NOT responsible for any kind of cash exchange, PayPal, or trade.
3. Please be respectful of other people.
4. Admin has the right to add, subtract, or edit any rules as I see the need.
5. If you post looking for a comic and you don't reply to the attempts of sellers you run the risk of being banned from the group. So no posting just for fun to see what's out there.
6.If you give someone your "sale list link" and it has nothing to do what their looking for the post will be deleted.
7. NO Sharing of your group of any kind. It will be deleted!
8. Must state what you are looking for FIRST, then state if you have stuff to trade or want to buy it.

Finally it's not a rule just a suggestion we as admins can't resolve an issue if we don't know about it. We ask that you only report someone if you have given them a reasonable amount of time to reply. I know most of us have day jobs and lives so don't report just to be a jerk give people some time and then let us know and we will handle the situation as fairly as possible

NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any time a problem occurs.

This is a link to the Good/Bad Buyer/Seller ect. List. I will try to keep it updated weekly.