Pay It Forward - Northumberland County!

The objective of this group is to not charge anyone any money for the things they post. We will allow trading on this site - as long as it is not unfair trading. We will be allowing people to ask for things, but we do encourage that you do not take\ask for things if it is not needed because you could be taking from someone else who may need it!
Thank you to all our members for keeping it drama free and paying it forward!

Guidelines Of This Group
* Swaping/Trading is aloud - as long as its not unfair
* No one will be charged money for the items posted
* You choose who your item goes to, doesn't need to be first commenter
* Delete your post when the item is gone, or ask to have it deleted (for mobile users where deleting isn't an option)
* No disrespectful or inappropriate posts
* Don't be afraid to ask questions or post about times where you paid it forward beyond this site

The admins for this group are as follows. So if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to personal message one of us!

Trista Oliver
Kelsey Danielle
Miranda Hoffman