IE(Institute of Education)ASSCAT Agusan Del Sur

" Only learning that is enjoyed will be learned well." -\-\- Judah Ha- Nasi, in Gribetz (1997)  For teachers, Love means accepting students unconditionally. Teachers do not have to like each of their students. This would be a super-human expectation. But teachers must  love every one of their students. That is a basic expectation.  GUIDING STATEMENTS OF LOVE  In my role as a future teacher, I will Know my students by name, know them as people, as outside- of - class individuals. Respect my students' parents and families, and their cultural traditions, norms, and values. Love even students who act up or who are unpleasant or rude to me or to others. My love will be unconditional; I will change students' behavior by teaching them, and not by rejecting or not loving them. Guard students' dignity in my classroom; I will teach all my students how to safeguard their dignity and how to protect the dignity of others. Avoid harshness and punitive measures. Yes, students respond to threats, but they never learn when fearful. They simply comply until the threat passes. Look at students when I speak to them and will  attune my mind to what they are saying. Orient students toward each other. Students should freely choose their friends from among classmates, but they must never treat others in an unloving or unkind way. Teach students to reflect on something good that took place in their day, a joyful moment, perhaps, for their journal. Actively plan for incorporating something joyful into my teaching. Sharing joy and enthusiasm will produce far better results than other methods.   All humans have a basic need to be loved. This is true with romantic relationships, but it is equally true in social situations, like school. Students must first feel they are loved before they can move ahead to get higher- level needs met.   A teacher's love toward her students can be a most powerful educational tool. I remember my third-grade teacher as if it were only yesterday. Mrs. Arais of East Bunawan Central Elem. School made an impact on me that has carried on many years of my life. She made me feel special; she made it clear to me that I was an important member of our class. For example, one day she changed my seat, placing me next to Leo, a very troubled boy. Smiling, she whispered to me, "I hope some of you will rub off on Leo. You are a good example for him." In response to her kindness and belief in my goodness, and her love, I decided I loved her as well, and would do anything to please her. So I really did my best to make Leo turn from troublesome boy into a less-trouble maker. How???   Mas astig ako dun eh..pag nagkakamali siya, hinahamon ko agad ng suntukan ahehe. Nagkataon lang na di siya pumapatol sa babae kasi baka tawagin siyang bakla.haha  Through my teacher's love for her students, I got motivated in doing good as well. :)