ISO: In Search Of (Sioux Falls/surrounding areas)

Kind of like the "for sale" groups, but this is a ISO or LOOKING FOR only group.

Post what you are looking for (pics are allowed and welcomed!)
Give price ranges if needed.

Rules are simple.
1) Don't be an ass.
2) Don't always expect a response/resolve. Some things are just hard to find/come across.
3) If a specific brand/model/options/color/size/etc are required, PLEASE specify.
4) Bartering is allowed. Specify if you, also, are willing to barter and with/for what.
5) Do NOT post for sale items. Admin will delete posting and violator may be banned.

Please realize that many items will more than likely be used and vary in condition.

Also, remove posts after item(s) are either "found" or no longer needed. Admin may delete posting after 60 days if no "hits"/activity.