Jobs in Thailand for Farangs

Hello. This site is made to help foreigners try to find work in Thailand because unless you want to teach the job market here is very difficult.

A couple of group ground rules.
1. Have a nice photo of yourself because potential employers are a part of this group. (No Nudity or unprofessional profile pictures.)

Side note: You don't necessarily have to do that with your main profile you could create another facebook to be your professional facebook. Just a thought.

2.Absolutely NO MARKETING will be tolerated in this group. You will be warned and if you continue you will be removed from this group. If you would like to market or sale try Desperately Seeking Bangkok.

3. No job postings in Thai. Any jobs post in Thai will be deleted no questions asked.

4. Please include the salary for the position. If you are not sure what the salary is please indicate that in the posting.

5.Please be professional this goes for employers as well. This group is an Equal Opportunity Group. If you're company openly discriminates against applicants because of their gender, nationality, religion, class, sexuality or age please leave the group. Everyone should be given a fair opportunity to display their ability. Be open minded because the person that you think you're least likely to hire might surprise you.

6. Please respect each other and encourage each other because at the end of the day we are all trying to reach the same goal.

PS. If you're not sure about a certain rule or if the group does not agree with a rule we can vote rules in and out.