Your Lewisberry-Etters Yardsale Online

An online group to sell/buy, trade items and advertise your business in the Etters and Lewisberry, York Haven, Newberry, areas!! Other areas welcome as well.Add your friends and let the selling/trading/buying begin!! Just a reminder there are no specific rules to this site. With that being said please people keep it friendly. If there is a misunderstanding address it in an adult manner. And lets keep our posts as accurate as possible to keep from having any misunderstandings!!! No shows will be deleted from the site.I wish you all well in your sales and purchases! If we have rudeness on site I will reluctantly have to ban users, please don't make me do that.
The sale is up to the discretion of the seller/trader(s). Please no bickering we are neighbors lets keep it friendly. Periodically I will clean up the page, meaning I will ask if your item is still available. if so we'll keep it up other wise we will happily delete the item for you. If you receive this question simply respond yes or no. It will only bump your item to the top of the page so others can easily see what you have to sell...please if you have more than one item make a photo album of the items you wish to sell. just click on photos at top of page and then create an album. this way all your photos are in the same place and they are easy to find! GOOD LUCK!!