Cresent Moon whian whian

77 acres in a place called Whian Whian, northern N.S.W.

It's a beautiful place; rain forest, waterfall, cleared land and house.

It is the last > private property on the road, and boarders national park, water catchment and only one other neighbor.

Quite a perfect place for a community.

at the very end of Whian Whian rd, the weatherboard house is on stilts, with open plan lounge/dinning/kitchen, 3 B/R and bathroom up stairs and 2 rooms plus laundry underneath /... set on 77 acres with access to the waterfall dropping out of the national park. steel garage with 2 roller doors ... and an un permitted second dwelling ..

the 'mother earth environment centre' in Rosebank was where the crescent moon group got together and decided to buy this property circa 2001
just after confest 2001 my partner,new born baby 3year old and i landed in Rosebank N.s.w. Staying at the Rainbow Temple, we came to know a few of the locals, some became friends. One Rosebank local had registered the name 'Mother Earth Enviroment Centre' and had begun giving away trees. With his pension check he purchased plants from local nurseries and was planting them with tourists from the Bryon Bay to Nimbin tour buses. This we found irrisistable, as did several others. A group formed mostly artists, and at his house, we opened an Environment centre , art gallery and set up a small plant nursery to begin growing trees. The Mother Earth Environment Centre became quite a busy place for the next little while. The 'core' crew was a great team, combining our diverse talents, to work well together. We became close friends. The idea of a larger place , where we could perhaps live on the same property ... perhaps we could buy .... discussion were held . groups of a dozen , often more, would meet at night ... potential structures for a land buying group were disscussed ... We had our eyes on the last property on Whian Whian rd, and the owner was waiting on us to make a definite offer on paper. disscussions went on, the field narrowed, who would commit, who would actually put up money? We (who ever we are?) needed to make some decisions. We (me actually) had a deposit, but finance from a bank for a brand new co-op or assocation to buy land was not, we thought, going to happen ... how to find the money? In the end 5 pensioners applied for a housing loan as 'tenants-in-common' and through a loan broker, raised very nearly enough. At the last minute a 6th shareholder invested her savings and 'Crescent Moon Family Farm' was born.
i put up $80,000 deposit and 5 people agreed to pay off a loan from the bank for the balance.
now (and for the last few years) there is only one of those 5 left on the property, he has kept the mortgage going until recently but now we are about $%00$ behind and owe the council in rates ...