Re-home me, Okinawa

A FRIENDLY place to find a new home for your pet, with or without a re-homing fee. This is also a page for animals who have been lost and found or missing. If you have a pet you would like to find a foster family for this is the page for that, too! This is also a page to sell pet supplies as well.

1. Be courteous!
2. If you cannot act like an adult you will be removed from the group
3. The point of this page is to help our furry friends find homes where they will be loved
4. This page understands that sometimes we get animals and realize we cannot handle them and we want them to be happy and healthy so we look to others for a new home for the pet
5. Absolutely NO drama
6. This is a place to find a loving home for our pets with or with out a re-homing fee
7. Be HONEST about your pets. This page is about matching up our pets for the best home for the animal