Dalton Area Moms Resale Page

This is for moms in the Dalton area. It's a great way for us to sell clothes, childrens clothes and toys, household items, etc.

1. Please post description and price of item and please try to post pictures of item!

2. If an item is pending sale please comment "sale pending"

3. If an item is cross posted please say that in your description!

4. Once and item has been sold please delete photo.

5. Please limit the amount of times you bump your post
(do not bump it every hour)

6. Please no drama...if there is a problem please contact an admin via private message!

7. If you do not live in the Dalton area you must be willing to meet!

8.) Absolutely no selling of baby food, formula, or other such food items. If you would like to post them to give away by all means do so or donate these items to your local food bank, church, daycare center or women's shelter.

9.) No Business ads, work from home, direct sales or MLM opportunities. While I am sure most are great companies, it is not what this site is intended for.