Nico's knees and Hairbows for pet health - raising pet insurance awareness

Our 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier is in need of surgery on both knees for luxating patellas. Although we have pet insurance, the perecentage that our insurance doesnt cover is still at 600$ The veterinarian told us that if Nico's knees are not corrected, he will suffer pain.

Please support our fur baby by purchasing a doggy hairbow at the cost of 2$ and invite all your friends to this page!

If anyone is able to help craft bows, make some phone calls or offer fundraising advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

Nico Thanks you!

Raising pet health insurance awareness and helping responsible pet owners with financial support is the goal of this group. If you would like to be involved in this cause, please share and invite new members! Volunteers needed to get this cause out there and who knows maybe start an organization! Thank you for caring!