Dogs and Cats for adoption from shelters in St.clair County

This group is to find animals homes that are in shelters and rescue groups in St. Clair County, Michigan. They are all from rescue groups and shelters. No breeders at all. If you post a dog or cat for rehoming/adoption it has to be spayed/neutered. Please share pictures of animals needing homes.

We also post lost/found dogs in the area in hope of reuniting them with their families.
Visit the Photos section to see each rescue group's adoptable animals.
If you are looking for a particular breed, let me know I'm sure I can find it. If you are a rescue group/shelter that would like to create and maintain your album, let me know. This is also a drama free platform. Anything that instigates drama, name calling, badmouthing will be deleted. Thank you
Adopt, don't shop!