Bawal ang mag post ng mga nude picture .
bawal ang pagmumura at makikipag away.
Pag may talKshIt consult sa admin para matangGal ang member na un at wag awayin ang talKshIt na yun.
respect the admin.

Rules for admin's
be active
alaways post in our group
consult your co admins if there problem
be friendly to members

1. All admins must be active.
2. All admins must check the posts of members and make sure that is relevant to the group. 3.Prevent from posing nude and x rated pictures.
4.Quarrelling, Trashtalking is not allowed. Peace and Friendship between the members and admins must be observed.
6. All admins should secure thier position not used it to any kind of blackmail or for good insituations of the members.
7.Respect each other.
8.Harsh and foul words are not allowed between the admins.
9. All admins have right to, remove, block or report any members who is extremely a violent to its words and not follow the rules.
10. All admins must take thier time and follow all the rules as what had discussed and be disrank to lower position if he/she never follow the rules.