Taking steps with Ryleigh: A Nanna's story of Hydrocephalus

This site is dedicated to one of the greatest heroes I have ever known. She just so happens to be my granddaughter Ryleigh. Ryleigh came into our lives on September 4, 2012 @ 28.5 weeks, and was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis raving through her brain, as well as a level 2 brain bleed caused from the stress of being born premature. The list of medical problems that followed were a half a mile long with the final blow comming to us as Grade 3 Hydrocephalus. The prognosis was devestating. I will NEVER forget the conversation that took place between myself, & the doctors, as they tried to prepare me for the fact that she would NEVER hear NEVER see and she would be left "Severely Developmentally Disabled." The problem for THEM, was that I had a secret. You see, at the time they didn't know MY GOD, OR My prayer warriors who prayed for this baby around the clock. I remember feeling SO ANGRY and the only words I was able to speak were these exact words."You don't know MY GOD. When you get her MRI come. and find me because you aren't going to. "find a THING. It has been confirmed by a God who is Loving, Faithful, Committed, and who ALWAYS REMAINS IN CONTROL! We pray that we may ALWAYS stay humble,and remember to give all glory and thanks to our heavenly father. This story is DEFINATELY NOT a story just about a beautiful baby girl born with serious medical problems. This is a story about faith. It's about Miracles. True, first Hand witnessing of God working in ways we NEVER dreamed possible. It's a story about a child who saved the life of a family who really didn't have much faith. As you read Ryleigh's story you will in a sense become an extended part of our family. You will cry with us. You will cheer with us, you will question your own faith if there is anything lacking in that area. You see I am plainly & simply just her Nanna but in the beginning, long before I ever knew it she was also an assignment from God, and all I can say there was ALOT to be learned. I was in no way prepared for the rollercoaster I had obediently climed into nor was I prepared for the way God would use this little girl to change lives. We still face a lot of struggles but I am SO VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY GOD WAS MORE THAN TRUE TO HIS WORDS. I am VERY happy to report that on October 20,2012 Ryleigh passed her hearing test with FLYING COLORS! GOD gave her 100% hearing in BOTH ears ,without a SINGLE deficit. Ryleigh's vision had some issues at birth. She was diagnoased with something called ROP, which Is. premature development of the Retina Left untreated it can cause blindness. On December 21,2012, she was discharged from Opthomology with 20/20 visit

diagnosed with Stage 1 ROP,which is simply & ( I say simply because we were
blessed with a Stage 1 diagnosis ) ROP is a premature development of the Retinas. If left untreated it can cause permanent irreversible blindness. We were Granted the blessing of Rymma Ryleigh's