For the Love of Food and Family Finances.

I love food, both making it or eating it :) don't much like washing up but that comes with the territory lol. If you have any recipes, tips or questions about food then please feel free to post.

As you have probably noticed, I have decided to change the name of the group slightly. I have done this because, as well as having an interest in food, I also like a bargain as im sure we all do. I will be sharing my money saving tips and bargains with you and hope you will be doing the same.................Enjoy :)

Please feel free to get in touch with either myself, Tracy, Lindsey or Paula if you are having any problems within the group. When getting in touch with either one of us, your message will go into our other messages unless of course you are on our friends list. To make sure of a prompt reply, you are best also telling us on the wall that you have inboxed.

Remember when your Mam used to remind you to say "Thanks", and "Please"? Good manners make everyone feel better about doing things, and just because this is a Facebook group is certainly no exception to that rule!

Oh dear, I'm thinking the time may have come for me to put some rules in place...

The first one being..... Please be kind to one another, manners cost nothing, we cannot possibly all think the same, but we need to put our point across in a nice way. This group is gonna stay a positive, nice friendly group and if it means I have to remove some people then so be it.

The second rule is, please make sure, before posting, that the post has some relevance to the group.

The third rule is, please do not advertise other groups.

Time for another rule I'm afraid, I will not tolerate bad language, if used your post will be removed.