Xbox 360 Recoveries and Mods

Terrence Mills

Rules, Admins & Legit / Trusted Members
1) Do not disrespect an Admin otherwise you'll be permanently banned.

2) No advertising for free mods, like cash drops and free recoveries unless it's a comp approved by admin?

3) If you are a modder and wish to sell your services. Upon making a sales post, please provide and image with your name in it together with video proof. Not just an image as it can be easily forged and please show the following.

- your console
- name/timestamp
- the modding in real time
- any other form of proof

4) Only give technical advice if you know the answer.

5) Posting links to viruses, malicious links or scam ads will be nstantly banned.

6) Anyone thatt invites a scammer will get banned from group with the scammer.

7) If you are selling an item please provide and image with your name on it in front of the item to prove its yours. Failing to do this and the post will be deleted.

8) Please report suspicious activity , and if you think someone is a scammer dont just bad mouth them , let them provide proof before you ruin their reputation

9) We have a legit list for a reason , if you choose to buy off someone not on the legit list and get scammed it is your own fault , the legit list is here to avoid the scamming scum,


11) Be respectful of each other's opinions. No personal attacks, or insults will be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults.

XBOX 360 Mods Admins
- Barry Solway

XBOX 360 Mods Legit / Trusted Members
- Adrian Furner - GTA ONLY @ THIS POINT
- Anthony Ab
- Myth Modz
- Jorge Limon
- Bryan Torres
- Jordan s Corbet - aka JTAGEDJAY
-Martin 'Scooby' Arnold
- Andrew Byrne
- Aaron Belmares
- MrMod V Modding
- Steven Modder
- Connor Modz
- North Modz
- Steven Ashbrook
Legit Kv Sellers
- Terrence Mills (Owner)
- Barry Solway
- Polar Mods
- Marcello Muniz
- North Modz
- Jason Modz
Legit Stealth Server Sellers
- Barry Solway
- PizzaModz Sales
Scammers List
-Ben Graesser (selling cracked menu )
-patrick amphet (selling cracked menu )
-Cole Cabassa is a scammer (charges back to you paypal)
-Nathan Shakespeare(pretends he sells kvs)
- John Carbo MonoxideMods(pretends to sell stealth server and make them)