Camping and Caravan Things for Sale in Ireland

This page has been set up as not only an avenue for members to s...ell products but also ask for advice and share experiences.

The following are the rules for this page:
1. Any post without a price will not be approved
2. Multiple products are to be put into one album with price and description
3. No posts of crashes will be approved
4. Any post without a sale price will not be approved
5. Any member who tries to post any inappropriate posts or items that is not related to camping or caravaning on more than 3 occasions will be blocked
6. Bumping only every 2 days. This allows everyone a chance to buy and sell.
7. Abuse will not be tolerated towards admin or members of any type. No matter how harmless you think it is.
8. No multiple posts of the same product please bump under the appropriate guidelines
9. If you have an issue with please contact admin and we will try to sort out the issue.
10. Admin will accept no responsibility on products sold.
11. No naming and shaming allowed and all complaints must be sent through private message to admin to sort out. Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated.
12. Admits say is final

No Telephone Numbers allowed to be posted in the Main Page Inbox Only.

No buying,selling or "free to good home!" posts about animals/pets allowed..under any circumstances!!Also if you have a lot of items to not post them one by one as it takes up too much space on the page. Put them into ONE album and you can bump the album every 24 hours. instructions on how to create an album are in the "files" section at the top of the group. If an item is sold, please remove the photo from the group. Putting "SOLD" or "SOLD PC" on the photo is not acceptable.When posting a item for sale YOU MUST PUT A PRICE ON IT. No messaging for price etc will be accepted. Posts with no prices will be deleted.
Flouting of the rules will mean an automatic ban from the page.Add people that you know if you feel this page would be of use to them.