Bernie Believers (Bernie Sanders)

If you are a believer in the Bernie Sanders movement then this is the place you want to be. The most outspoken supporters can be found here along with new memes you won't find anywhere else.


1- Debate is welcomed in a CIVILIZED manner. If your anger turns into abuse you will be banned.

2- Bernie wants to stick to the issues and so will we. You may provide FACTS about an opposing candidates stance on issues but the candidates personal problems (i.e. Hillary's legal troubles) are not welcomed in this group.

3- Nobody cares which God you believe in so keep religion out of here. Mention your religion and you get banned.

4- Engage in conversation with the person who's talking about religion and tell them "your God's better" and YOU will also be banned.

5 - No ads, marketing,pornography or anything the majority of viewers would deem as "distasteful". If a post has 20 people saying "remove" in the comments section then admins please remove it promptly

If a problem cannot be resolved by reporting a post to admins, you can contact admins Mak Hays or Spencer Allen McMillian by private message and we will try to get back to you and help you as soon as we possibly can. For those with a desktop, all admins. can be found listed in the same area you find all members.