Iligan City Road Watch

This group has only one goal, which is to inform and avoid you from checkpoints/operations by PNP and LTO. As motorcyclists, we have rights. But it seems that these so called "authorities" are not hearing our side and blatantly stepped on our rights. They created fear among us that made us feel like criminals whenever we're on the road. What's worst is, they don't follow the laws they implement. Why say so? Because a normal citizen would see "authorities" doing OBVIOUS violations every single day! Not wearing helmet, no plate number, no side mirror, LOUD PIPE, etc! What are they trying to imply? Are they exempted? Now that they amended the law, which lead to higher fines on violations especially for those who are using loud pipes, we also have to protect ourselves from these people. Higher fines will not solve anything but will only lead to massive massive corruption (which is starting to happen now). Welcome!