Global Village English, Advanced Class.

Hello and a warm welcome,
dear Global Village students,teachers and newcomers.

This a friendly community-conscious teachers co-operative,
a place where you can make new friends and learn a very good standard of English for free.
Before you begin participating, kindly read the following rules. We need you to respect them:

1)Posts should be made only in English.
2)This group does not welcome the promulgation of any religious and/or political doctrines or faiths, unless they are universally friendly and peaceful, and no-one is preaching or claiming that their faith is better than another.
Your beliefs are your private business and between you and God. We are here to learn and teach English. Universal, non-specific spiritual wisdom is welcome.

3)Flexibility in the teaching/learning process is highly recommended.
However, we do not promote slang, but good standard English.

4)Our community is a place for co-operation, harmony, peace, mutual respect, courtesy, and kindness. We tolerate and respect one and others' differences.
However, we do not tolerate racism , prejudice, sexism, bigotry, rudeness,disrespect, bad attitude or bad behaviour.

5)SMS abbreviations, substitutions of words with numbers and "wannas","gimmes""whatchyas"...etc are not allowed.
You are also expected to keep a level of formality and good manners, avoiding the usage of reduced phrases more appropriate within the lyrics of a song than in this group.

6)Those who break rules, receive one warning, and if the same contravention is repeated, they will be suspended.

7)Any irrelevant posts not appropriate for each groups' purpose will be deleted,
along with non-English posts. Any members attempting to SPAM us with advertising will be immediately removed.