MidTN 006 Southern Cruisers

Middle Tennessee Chapter #6 of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club,. Our club is a no-dues, all-motorcycle-brands club.

This page has been created to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for planning of rides and events, discussions of past events, tips and tricks, and just getting acquainted with fellow members.

Therefore, some basic rules need to be followed to maintain this environment. It will be the decision of the Group 'Owner' "Grunt" whether actions should be taken against someone who can't abide by the following simple rules. The first violation will result in a warning to the poster. The second violation will result in a total lockout from the Group If the situation reaches the the lockout, no re admittance requests will be accepted. All notifications of violations will be handled privately via e-mail.
1. Flaming of members of this forum will not be tolerated.
2. This is a Public Forum and a Family Oriented Club - Please don't use offensive or vulgar language.
3. Unsolicited Commercial Posts and Spam will not be tolerated. If you have a business to promote check first.
4. This Group wasn't created to hold private arguments. Please use your e-mail or telephone to settle any differences.
There - Pretty easy huh? Well, enough with the mumbo-jumbo, let's get started.