South Austin~Circle C resale group

This Facebook page is to assist people in Circle C Ranch and surrounding areas, by providing an online garage sale in which one can buy and sell without the hassle of Auctions and forever increasing auction fees.

ALL sellers need to reside in the Circle C area.
We do not take any responsibility for dealings between members. Our aim is to provide an easy to reach platform for locals to buy and sell un-loved goods, in a safe and happy online environment.

So here are a few Simple Selling Rules

1. Label and post a description and photo of your item to the wall, or if you prefer, you can make an album.
2. Put an amount and location for pick up.
3. Bump your item once in 24 hrs. Can be bumped when first put into an album.
4. Remove photo when item has been sold and picked up.
5. Maximum posts per person per album of 20 listings.

Simple Buyer Rules

1. To buy, write "SOLD" or "Interested" on item/s
2.Preferences go to people who have wrote SOLD/INTERESTED.
3. If you fail to respond to seller in 24hrs, item will be passed to the next in line.
4. Offering 1/2 price or less on an item is very insulting, offer/interest will be deleted.

A final note, South Austin~Circle C resale group -
does not take any responsibility for the buying, selling or trading of any listed goods or services. It is the responsibility of the agreeing parties to arrange all transactions and deliveries, check items and count money.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly admins.

Reasons you may not be added to this group: