MAD Sports: Softball Buy, Sell, Trade

This is a group to buy,sell and trade softball equipment, publish tournaments, and exchange player information. we want you to feel safe buying trading or selling with our members and company. and Ng2g people,we would like to know about them asap to remove and flag them in all group. we feel its important to work with our fellow teams, players and softball communities to bring the best products to your door. THERE ARE TO BE ABSOLUTELY NO REPS POSTING THEIR NIW PRODUCTS ON THIS PAGE . If you would like to do so please shoot Donald Lambright or Matthew O'Reilly a pm and get permission first. Also DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR GROUP HERE!!!!!!!!!! Your post will be deleted instantly. We treasure what we have built here and believe it to be the absolute best group on FB due to our members. Thank you guys and be on the look out for random free bat give aways!!!!!!!!