English Learners Group

Welcome to English Learners Group!!!!!!

The aim of this group is to help every members to developes their knowledge in English.And hope every members can learn English comfortably and mingled with other learners.We are not only Learners here but also a big family and friends.Everybody are treated as our brothers and sisters.To provide to all members a good atmosphere in the group we create some rules that need to Follow.
1)You are forbidden to post any sensitive issue.
2)NO porn picture and any provocative materials.
3)Posting another link or advirtisement also prohibited
4)NO religious or any languages alllowed only English'
5)It is accepted to share some topics or to tell what you know including general information,news,quote,ect.
6)Respect and helping each other are very important.
You may invite all your friend to join us to become our family.
We are proud to have you in the group and hopefully we can impeove our English and srenghten our friendship.

Thank you All for your Attention..